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Strategic Partners

We at ATS strive to be the best consulting firm and advocates for our clients through development of strong and trusting relationships that are founded on understanding, mutual respect, and thorough knowledge of our clients' business needs.  ATS is committed to fostering longterm relationships.  To that end, we forego the quick sale or easy implementation in favor of providing lasting solutions that best serve our clients' business needs.  We believe that the best business relationships are those where all parties feel they have benefited.  

Our values of quality, integrity, honesty, and respect remain the highest priority for us as we strive to bring the highest caliber science and engineering services to our clients.  We recognize that no single company or voice can provide the best solution and that we want to work with the best of the best in our industry.  Over the years we have developed a team of true professionals that have skills, motivation, commitment, and leadership by parternering with them to bring the best people and solutions for our clients.  We are proud to have the following strategic industry partners available in our corner.

Pro West & Associates
Monarch Environmental
Vista Analytical
Laura Moore Consulting
KMQ Environmental Public Relations
MPI Drilling
Streamwise Limited
Sugar River Consulting
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