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ATS Environmental Science

Environmental Science


Solving environmental problems dealing with chemicals is the focus of our consulting practice. ATS provides technical support to national and international clients in the areas of site investigation and assessment, remediation, contaminated sediments and waterways, environmental forensics, water resources, and compliance management.

Chemical Source Identification, Fate and Transport Analysis, Chemical Fingerprinting, Geochemistry, Hydrology and Hydraulics Analysis, Divisibility and Allocation Strategy, Litigation Support, Expert Witness

Litigation Support

Expert Witness Testimony, Environmental Forensics, Divisibility and Allocation, Product Liability, Worker Exposure, Cost Recovery, Process Chemistry, Waste and Wastewater Treatment, Expert Reports, Demonstratives and Trial Graphics

Regulatory Compliance

Compliance Monitoring, Program Auditing, Laboratory Auditing, Laboratory Data Verification, Laboratory Data Validation, Permitting, Waste, Wastewater, and Air, Hazardous Materials, Chemical Registration (MSDS), Worker Exposure

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Contaminated Sediments

Sediment, Surfacewater, Source Identification and Allocation, Remedy Design and Selection, Sonic-Assisted Sediment Sampling

Site Characterization

Remedial Investigation and Site Characterization for Water, Soil, Sediment, Air Quality, Risk Assessment Support

Water Resources

Groundwater and Surfacewater Evaluation and Sampling, Watershed Analysis, Load Allocation and TMDL, Wastewater and Stormwater Management and Sampling

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