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Who We Are

Ann Arbor Technical Services, Inc. (ATS) is a multi-disciplinary consulting firm practicing in the areas of chemistry and environmental science.  The company was incorporated in 1983, and is a C corporation under Michigan law.  ATS provides technical expertise and support services to manufacturing industries, solid and hazardous waste processing/disposal facilities, attorneys and other professional consulting firms (e.g. engineering and hydrogeological), financial institutions, and governmental entities such as water and wastewater treatment plants.  


ATS offers a unique approach to addressing problems which involve chemicals.  Unlike most other technical consulting firms, ATS is owned and staffed by chemists trained to bring the knowledge of the chemical manufacturer/chemical formulator to bear on resolving “chemical end-user” problems.  The intimate knowledge ATS staff has of chemicals and their behavior in industrial and environmental settings provides a unique perspective in problem solving, regulatory compliance, and chemical process management.  Though sharing a common focus on chemicals, ATS staff have diverse educational backgrounds and work histories, ranging from manufacturing to legal and financial services.


ATS employs a diverse team of professional chemists and scientists all with a thorough understanding of environmental regulations and their applicability to a variety of industrial processes, situations and equipment.  Several ATS staff members have worked for private corporations as environmental managers, while others also have legal and financial backgrounds.  These experiences enable them to identify and address the best interests of our clients while keeping in focus the budgetary needs of our clients and their project.  ATS prides itself in finding the most effective solutions in the most cost effective manner without cutting corners.


When the ATS founders envisioned this unique consulting firm, they knew that to achieve the best means of problem solving, and to create an atmosphere conducive to the formation of innovative solutions and new developments, they would have to attain and maintain a consistently high standard of performance in the work product.  To achieve this, they decided first to serve a focused market, second to vertically integrate the knowledge of chemicals and the high quality standards throughout the company operations, and third to control the company’s rate of growth to favor the quality standard and enhanced customer service.  At ATS, we approach staffing of projects with great care and attention to excellence.  We model our approach to project staffing keenly focused on our commitment to effective solutions in a cost effective manner.


The degree of breadth of the skill set, and degree of vertical integration is unusual for a company of its size.  As an example, unlike most environmental consulting firms, ATS has the ability to undertake sampling, analysis and data evaluation and interpretation, all with internal resources.  This means that the project goals and quality objectives can be seamlessly integrated into diverse project activities, all without increased administrative overburden.

Key Contacts

Philip Simon
Founder and President

Phil is the Director of Chemistry and President of Ann Arbor Technical Services, Inc. and oversees 20 personnel including chemists, scientists, environmental scientists, and environmental technicians, and regulatory compliance specialists.  Phil has over 40 years of experience in the field of environmental science and chemistry specializing in projects involving chemicals or chemical processes, hazardous waste management, remedial investigations, and closure/remediation activities.  Since 1970, Phil has been responsible for hundreds of environmental projects for industry and government throughout the United States and overseas.  His responsibilities include principal in charge during investigation, construction, operation, and regulatory negotiations on projects involving solid, hazardous, and industrial wastes, mixed waste contamination clean-ups, and design and implementation of innovative waste treatment technologies.


Phil is a highly qualified expert witness with extensive deposition and trial testimony experience for litigation matters involving environmental contamination, water and wastewater treatment, hazardous and non-hazardous waste management, chemical processes in manufacturing, and chemical aspects of forensic science.  He is an inventor of several chemical formulations and chemical processes for manufacturing and environmental control.  He is a co-inventor of the GeoMorph process for environmental site investigation and remediation.  He holds numerous U.S. and foreign patents for these inventions.


Phil has authored, published, and/or presented more than 50 technical white papers/reports for industry, health councils, scientific journals, and government throughout the United States and overseas.  He has extensive experience in the determination of organic chemicals, including toxicants, pesticides, petroleum residues and explosives in multiple matrices.   His method competency includes all forms of chromatography, low and high resolution mass spectrometry, and tandem mass spectrometry.  Additionally his expertise includes the determination of metals and inorganic chemicals using separation schemes in combination with mass spectrometry or optical spectroscopy, as used in the speciation of metals.

Peter is a Senior Project Manager for Ann Arbor Technical Services, Inc. and has more than 20 years of experience focusing on contaminated sediment management (RI/FS), hazardous waste remediation, contaminant fate and transport, and restoration. Since 1990, Peter has been involved at progressive levels, in more than 100 major environmental projects for industry and government throughout the United States and overseas. 


His experience includes management of complex environmental projects, project planning and documentation, regulatory negotiations, public communications and presentations, large data/GIS systems design and management, field and laboratory sampling/analysis, data analysis, and remedial investigation, design and construction. Peter has extensive experience in the determination of sampling strategies for environmental media involving organic chemicals, toxicants, pesticides, and fuels.  He has considerable experience implementing fluvial geomorphologic principles guided by fate and transport processes to efficiently characterize, assess, and integrate restoration strategies into remedial decision framework. 


Peter specializes in leading multi-disciplinary teams that include scientists, engineers, risk assessors, and ecologists to collaboratively identify, evaluate and select options that optimize cleanup goals that achieve the greatest net environmental benefit.


Peter is a co-inventor of “Geomorphology for Environmental Remediation Processes and Systems” (U.S. Patent No. 7344337B2, 7758283B2, 7887259; Japanese Patent No. 4621246). This innovative approach consists of a series of environmental tools that address the transport, fate and effects of contaminants in aquatic environments—particularly river, lakes and estuaries. Mr. Simon has been successful in utilizing this process to design, implement, and investigate and achieve closure for contaminated sediment projects in both Federal and State-led programs.


Peter Simon
Sr. Project Manager
Let's Meet

“We're a small specialty chemical consulting company servicing Fortune 1000 companies. We look forward to discussing your problems, helping you define your goals, develop innovative solutions, and realize them!"

Philip Simon, President and Director of Chemistry

Ann Arbor Technical Services, Inc.

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