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Chemistry Consulting Services

Some people dream of success. We make it happen.



ATS offers a unique approach to address problems which involve chemistry.  ATS is owned and staffed by chemists trained to bring their knowledge of the chemical manufacturer/chemical formulator to bear on resolving “chemical end-user” problems. 


ATS prides itself on finding the most effective solutions in the most cost effective manner.  Please contact us to learn how our approach can help you realize success.



Our knowledgeable team of chemists and scientists works very closely with our clients to achieve common goals on surface and groundwater quality, water resources, contaminated sediments, process chemistry, waste and wastewater treatment, and litigation support matters. 


We offer a broad range of chemistry and science support services for both the public and private sectors.  Our successes include projects encompassing some of the most challenging chemical forensics projects in the United States.



The ATS team has extensive experience supporting clients with a desire to develop scientifically grounded strategies backed by sound evidence. Our clients include engineering firms, law practices, private and public industries, state and federal regulatory agencies, public works departments, and other municipal agencies.  


Our expertise and technical excellence is a core business practice and has been successfully used on many environmental projects during more than 30 years of professional consulting in this area.

Problem With Chemicals?
Solutions to Environmental Problems
Our Goal at ATS...

As Chemistry Consultants we use our intimate knowledge of chemicals and their behavior in industrial and environmental settings to provide unique perspectives in problem solving, regulatory compliance, and chemical process management.

ATS employs a diverse team of professional chemists and scientists all with a thorough understanding of environmental regulations and their applicability to a variety of industrial processes, situations, and equipment.


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